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By | March 26, 2019

Many new beginners are not sure what type of guitar they need to start learning how to play the guitar. They often debate in their minds whether to start playing on an acoustic or electric guitar. No need to look further because Fender Company has the answer. They have created a Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar!

Back in the day, many rock and blues guitarist started on an acoustic guitar. Later switched to electric guitar. Bob Dylan used an acoustic guitar for a long time but later decided to switched to electric guitar.

Early this year, Fender Company unveiled a unique and sophisticated guitar that can produce both an acoustic and electric sound. The Fender acoustasonic guitar has solved the problem of having too many guitars during a live perfomance. You don’t have to switch guitars but both acoustic and electric sounds can be produced on this guitar.

Watch this video so that you can hear the different sounds that can be produced from the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Guitar.

You may be familiar with semi acoustic guitars where you can plug the acoustic guitar to an amplifier. It does not matter even after plugging in, the sound coming from the amps will still be acoustic.

Unlike the semi-acoustic guitar, the Fender Acoustasonic guitar produces a pure acoustic sound whether plugged in or not. you can get a very clean electric guitar sound. There are other sounds in between that can be selected using a knob.

You may wonder how this is possible. Well, the technology used to make this guitar is very advanced. The shape of the guitar is like a Fender Telecaster. There are two pickups built in. One acoustic and the other electric.

The Fender Acoustasonic guitar has a Sound selector two knobs. One knob is for volume and the other is to fine tune the hamonic sound. There are five distinct sound positions that can be selected on an acoustatic guitar.

Starting from the fifth position, you have a pure acoustic sound just like a rosewood dreadnought acoustic guitar, and position one is the sound of a Fender electric guitar!

These sounds in between may not be a big deal if you are a beginner but for the experienced player, who uses pedals to produce effects, the Fender Acoustasonic can produce harmonics which is a big plus.


The Fender Acoustasonic guitar is very light and you don’t need to plug in to get the acoustic sound. Although the body of the looks much thinner than semi-acoustic guitar, the sound you get from this guitar is pure acoustic.

To a professional player, the advantage of an acoustasonic guitar is that there is no need to switch guitars during performance. The use of pedals can be reduced because the guitar has a knob that will enhance the harmonic sounds between an acoustic and electric guitar.


Considering the advanced technology and the research done, the price tag of the Fender Acoustasonic guitar, is $2,000. This is quite a serious investment and many guitar players may hesitate for a while to purchase if all they want is to play the guitar for for friends and family


The Fender acustasonic guitar is great to have and I hope that the price will be drop eventually so that many guitar players can afford. If this happens, this will be the most loved guitar in the Fender family in the years to come.

If you have any comments, please leave them below. I will be glad to read them all.

6 thoughts on “Fender Acoustasonic Guitar – Review

  1. Topazdude

    What an informative article! Ready to buy a guitar, but unsure where to start? The worst thing you could do is purchase the wrong instrument and fall out of love with it before you get a chance to dive in. There is no clear cut answer to this but it all depends on the taste of sound you want the guitar to produce. I also started playing on an acoustic guitar because I could not afford an electric guitar then, because is affordable. I opine that the Fender acustasonic guitar will be great to have, the price tag of the Fender Acoustasonic guitar, is $2,000. This is quite expensive and many young guitar players should still afford this, if the passion to train is still there. Hope there will be a further drop in price?

  2. Sammynathaniels

    I’m not a guitar player but the sound of an acoustic guitar has a way of awakening the spirit of music in me and heightening my taste for good music. I can’t imagine how I will feel to hear a mix of acoustic and electric guitar in one instrument. I will plan on buying this fender acousticsonic guitar eventhough the price is high. 

  3. Lynne Huysamen

    Hey Smart, ok I just posted a comment on your about me page wondering where to start to decide on a guitar to buy for my husband and now I see the first thing I need to figure out is whether to buy him acoustic or electric. Now I have a starting point but I still have no idea which he would prefer. If I had to go with the Fender Acoustic that problem would be solved. I see they start at $2000, but this is for a special gift so I am happy with that. The gift is for our 10th wedding anniversary next year so I have plenty of time to save for it!

  4. Olalekan Taliat

    Acoustic guitars are a beauty to behold. The quality of the sound is amplified using an amplifier. The fender acoustic guitar according to this review does not drop in its quality with or without the use of an amplifier, this makes it my type of guitar.

    Hopefully the price will drop anytime soon, and I will love to have a taste of this wonderful piece of acoustic guitar from the fender family of guitars.

  5. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    I am a Fender fan and this Fender Acoustasonic  Guitar sounds like a real beauty. My husband plays the guitar, bass and keys, while I sing. I am also a vocal in our community band and I have heard the different sounds of various guitar brands, but Fender has always been my favorite when it comes to sound and looks.

    The price is not too bad, for its wonderful modern features, although like you I will probably wait until the price gets lower before buying one myself. The funny thing is I don’t play much guitar (only basic chords) but I collect them. I have about five and only my husband plays them well. I can definitely see this new Fender being part of my growing collection also.

    My husband would enjoy playing this Fender due to the fact that it would save him switching guitars and use less pad during our performances.

    Just one query – the color of wood on this Fender Acoustasonic is stunning, what wood it is made from?

    1. smarties Post author

      Thanks for the nice comments. Nice that you and your husband play the guitar. Five chords its great! 

      I love Fender guitars. The Fender Acoustasonic is made of Mahogany wood. Pretty cool. I checked  it up and its not Rosewood. I guess it would have been more expensive. Otherwise it sounds great.

      Once again thank.


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