H.E.R. at Grammy Awards 2019

By | February 20, 2019
 H.E.R. at the Grammy Awards 2019

The 61st Music Grammy Awards, in my opinion, were one of the best Grammy Awards ceremonies in recent years. Alicia Keys did a great job as a host.

For us who watched on the television, eyes were glued to the set to see H.E.R. at the Grammy Awards 2019. She has been behind the scenes for a very long time and was geared to perform live. One other thing I noticed is almost all the guitar players used Fender electric guitars!

There were times I wondered whether the new technology was here to kill the electric guitar, just like the way guitar hero tried, but I found out it is just the opposite. It is the advanced technology that will improve the sound quality of the electric guitar.

My take now is that we will always have guitars and the players and the concept of strumming and fingering the chords will be the same. In some cases, the design of guitar body could come in different shapes but the principles of playing the guitar will always be the same.

Watching the live perfomances, I saw quite a few guitar models, but what stood out most were Fender electric guitars! I was able to spot the Flea’s Active Jazz Bass, a Telecaster and a Duo Sonic guitar.

It was quite impressive to see Lady Gaga being backed by a band with four guys on Fender guitars.

Janelle Monaé played her songs on a Fender Duo Sonic, Shawn Mendez played a Fender Telecaster and Post Malone joined the Hot Chili Peppers and played a custom Telecaster while the bassist played his signature bass guitar, the Fender Flea Active Jazz Bass.

Out of all the Fender electric guitars, one unique guitar that caught my attention was the clear Fender Stratocaster. The young artist, Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson, famously known as H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) used this guitar to deliver one of her best performances.

The solo in “Hard Place” is short but she played it brilliantly. It came almost at the end of he song but she did some syncopation with the guitar and her voice. This proved that H.E.R. was a very talented artist.

The clear Fender Stratocaster is a unique guitar. From far it looks like a fragile glass but in reality the body is made out of Acrylic materials. it is pure transparent and you can see all the wires and electronic gadgets you don’t see on a regular guitar.

The process of manufacturing this guitar is very sophisticated and requires patience when drilling the holes to avoid the body from cracking. Everything is done with precision.

What I saw in H.E.R., is the influence she has and will motivate young women to start playing an electric guitar. It is very rare to see a young woman on vocals and play the guitar solo like her. Although she is more of a private artist, I am predict we will see more of her often.

Fender conducted a survey and the results showed that 50 percent of the guitars sales are from women. H.E. R performance proves the point that women are on the rise playing the electric guitar.

Soon it will be no surprise to see women lead the men playing in playing the electric guitar. It will be just the same as back in the day when young men wanted to play like Jimi Hendrix while ladies stood in the sidelines. Those days are gone!

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9 thoughts on “H.E.R. at Grammy Awards 2019

  1. Yormith96

    Hi there, thanks for the video you shared, I actually missed watching it. Ladg Gaga performs beyond my expectations, although am not expecting less from her. H.E.R performed exceptionally well too but in your last statement, you said “Soon it will not be a surprise when women will lead the men playing in playing the guitar.” Well I guessed this soon will be very long, if at all it will happen, that’s my own opinion though 

  2. ajibola40

    Nice article there on H. E. R.plays big at Grammy Award 2019.i must say a well done job to you for writing up article on 2019 Grammy Award.it really a  Memorial Day truly with all the events that took place that night

    i was fortunate to watch the reshow of the event from the beginning to the end.

    i was really amazed when H.E.R. pick up the guitar and play it and I must say she is really talented and I hope many female artist will fall in line with the new tread 

  3. Louis

    I equally enjoyed the Grammy awards of 2019. I must say Alicia keys did a great job. I quite agree with you when you speak about electronic guitar. I think a lot more females are picking up guitars and its a new era for guitarists. Wouldn’t be long before female guitarists start challenging the male guitarists.

    Big ups to H.E.R for her performance at the Grammys.

  4. Dianne

    I must find a way to watch the Grammy Awards 2019 now so that I can see what you describe here. Also cant believe i missed it if Alicia Keys was the host!

    I am not surprised that the Fender survey showed that 50% of guitar sales are from woman, we have some fantastic woman artists who rock the guitar, i also have quite a few ladies in my family who are fantastic on the guitar! ;))

  5. Festus

    I got my guitar some weeks back, and i’m learning to play it gradually

    It’s the unique sound of guitars that attracted me to this musical instrument. Hopefully i’ll get to play the electric guitars someday, mine is an acoustic.

    It’s been fun really, i’m certain they all started somewhere and today being Pros. they produce beautiful sounds.

    Had a great time as i glided through, hope to come around some other time

  6. Kenechi

    Electric juiter is fun to play and we all are privileged to be in the era where electric juiter is available for us all. I’m a lover of music and I love to play juiter. The instrumental sounds lightens up my mood. I receives musical inspirations under the melody of a juiter and it’s a big fun to me. 

  7. abioye olalekan

    This is a wonderful and relevant blog post. H.E.R has always been an incredible singer so i expect her to do more than enough at the gramy award. I have known her for years and what amazes me most is the way she normally handle her guitar with enough confidence. Thanks for sharing

  8. Linda

    Hi Smarties,

    I have to agree that Gabi Wilson’s performance at the Music Grammy Awards was astonishingly good. The guitar she played was very unique and a perfect choice. I’ve always been more of a fan of acoustic guitars than electric, so I was unfamiliar with the instrument and curious. I can see that the Clear Fender Stratocaster may influence my opinion of electric guitars. It’s also interesting to read that they’re becoming so popular with young women. Thanks for the interesting read!

  9. bajram

    thanks for sharing

    thank you once again for this very valuable article and very well explained by youGaining a GRAMMY, the young artist’s candidate felt good when she went on stage to perform “Hard Place,” a blueprint that simply began, focusing on the vocals of HER killer and guitar sufferers in front of a the spare singer’s hand and the violin players came out to join him for the great finale. All the time, the BTS was in the audience singing together.


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