Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

By | January 19, 2019
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When I started learning how to play the guitar, my friend showed me some chords I could practice to play the song Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix.

I struggled for a long time trying to learn a difficult song which had basically five chords. This was the only song my friend thought was easy for me to play and sing along. At that time I did not know there were easy guitar songs for beginners which have only three chords!

When you start learning how to play the guitar, you begin by learning how to play chords. Later you also learn how to move your fingers from one chord to the other. In the process you learn several chords but still may not be able to strum the chords and sing along.

You will be surprised that many songs are easy to play and sing along because they only need you to know three chords. What makes the difference is the way the chords, the strumming pattern, and the tempo are arranged.

As a beginner, the best chords to learn are open chords. When you strum an open chord, some strings are not fingered at all and the chord itself when strummed has a ringing sound.

In my opinion, the easy guitar chords for beginners are G, C, and D. It is much easier to play these chords because they have open strings. The other chords with no open strings are called movable chords.

The problem with movable chords is the pressure needed from the fingers to make a chord sound properly. It is extremely difficult for a beginner learn movable chords and sing along.

Before you start singing along on a guitar, you need to be familiar with the key of the song. This means that if you know how to play a G chord, you should know the other two chords in the same key of G. A key can be refereed to as a home chord for the song. The song starts at a home chord and will end at a home chord.

As explained earlier, since most songs have three chords, to singing along you can use the chords you already know. In this case if you know how to play the G chord, then you will need to know the two other associated chords in the same key of G. The chords are G, C and D.

You may be familiar with the song Amazing Grace. You can play and sing along easily because the song has three chords. You can play the song in the key of G. Which means you have three chords, G, C and D.

The other song that has three chords is Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The same chords G, C, and D. The difference that makes the song unique is the way the chords are arranged.

In some cases, you may not be able to sing along because your vocal range may not match the guitar. You may feel frustrated and not wanting to sing along, but there is a solution to this.

A small device is used to clamp the neck of the guitar. This clamp is called a Capo. A Capo can be considered as a moving nut. The capo replaces the nut causing the pitch of all six strings go higher.

The principle behind this is the shorter the neck the higher the pitch. If the capo is used creatively, you only need to slide the capo to where position on the neck you feel comfortable to sing along without straining your voice. The same three chords will work with a Capo.

There are so many easy guitar songs for beginners. If you know which key of the song you in, You will have no difficulty to sing along. All you need is learn the corresponding chords in the same key you are going to play.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

  1. Joo

    Searching for some stuff for my son who just started learning to play the ukulele. And landed on your site. Am glad for that, because I have learnt some basic stuff about the guitar from your article. Makes me interested and want to pick it up too. 

    But the ukulele and the guitar are quite different instruments right? I think the number of strings is already different, if I’m not wrong. 

    1. smarties Post author

      Hello! Joo,

      I am glad that this article is useful to you and start playing some songs! Yes, Although the Ukalele and Guitar a different, the principle is the same. The Ukalele has four strings and guitar has six. Only the fingering of the chords is different. You can still play the three chords and sing along!



  2. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info.

    As you know, I’m not a good guitar player, my best friend is more fanatic than me in it, I’m just playing for fun and honestly, my notes aren’t good at all. 

    But I will try it, so people will not joke anymore when I play together with him and this post really helps me, I will probably need some time, but in the end I will succeed, and that is thanks to you. 

    1. smarties Post author

      Thank You Emmanuel for your kind comments. i am glad you found this post to be informative. Yes, practice regulary and you will be great!




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