The Most Memorable Guitar Solo of all time

In classic rock, solos are played very creatively. In fact, it’s not how fast the fingers move up and down the fret board, but it is how the notes are played. play.

In my opinion, the most memorable guitar solo of all time is by Pink Floyd. If you listen to the song you will feel that the solo somehow tells a story.

Watch David Gilmour in this video brilliantly playing the solo on his Fender Stratocaster guitar in a live performance. One thing David Gilmour is very creative when it comes to the technique of bending the strings.

“Comfortably Numb” is from the album “The Wall” recorded in 1979. It has a two solo part version. David played the solo so well as if it was a studio recording.

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7 thoughts on “The Most Memorable Guitar Solo of all time”

  1. Take me back!!! To see these old guys layin’ it down made me smile to think they are probably taking the same meds that I am. Although there seems to be no signs of arthritis in David G yet.

  2. Great solo. Have you seen or hear Mark Knophler of Dire Straits extended version of “The Sultans of Swing”? It is a great solo performance aslo.

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