How to Care For Your Guitar

By | November 26, 2018
To avoid damaging the guitar, is better to put it in its case or on a guitar stand

Just like any other musical instrument, for the guitar to last a lifetime, it is essential to take care of it.  Here are a few tips that will help you how to care for your guitar to be in a top condition for a long time.


Where do you put your guitar after you play? To avoid damaging the guitar, is better to put it in its case or on a guitar stand. That way you will prevent other instruments  placed on top of the guitar.


Another point is  to avoid exposing the guitar to extreme temperatures or sunlight. When there is extreme heat, the tension mounts and the neck bends. If the temperature is extremely low, the strings will lose the proper tension and the guitar will eventually get out of tune.


It can happen that your guitar will  collect dust and you may want to wipe out the dust and other dirt. It is advisable not to use any detergent because it will damage the finish.  Just use a damp cloth. If you want to polish the guitar,  you WILL need to get a special polish  from a musical store.

Normally, most of the cleaning of the guitar is done the time you replace the old strings with new guitar strings.  At that time, the fingerboard is clear of strings and it is the easy to wipe the dust around the bridge.


If you have an electric guitar, then you have an amplifier for your guitar to produce the sound.  You should avoid playing in the rain because of the shorting that may happen and damage the amp.  Always take precaution by making sure the the amp is properly grounded to avoid electric shock.

Seek Expert Advice

There are certain things that you may want to do to to keep your guitar in a top condition, but some tips need a professional to do it.  For example, adjusting the truss rod. This requires an expert to do it. Unless you know what you are doing, you will end up damaging the guitar.

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