Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

By | November 5, 2018
An acoustic or electric guitar?

Suppose you are a beginner and want to learn how to play a guitar, which one will you go for? An acoustic or electric guitar? Well, as for me, I would say it just depends on what type of guitar sound you would enjoy listening.

When I seriously wanted to know more about guitars,  I bought myself a guitar, and it was an acoustic. In fact, that’s what I could afford then. After a few months I learned how to play a few songs and started becoming more confident with my strumming too.

It was maybe a year  when I came across an electric guitar. I was invited to go and watch a electric band practicing.  I still remember when I picked an electric guitar which was on the floor.  I was surprised how heavy the guitar was. I can say it was like three times the weight of an acoustic.

When I tried to strum a chord, I discovered I needed not to strum too had to produce the sound. The guitar was connected to an amplifier that did all the magic of producing the big sound.

What I discovered is that is that when you are a beginner,  you don’t want anyone to hear you practice a song so loud while you are struggling and hitting the wrong notes. It may not be a pleasant sound to those who are nearby. You will need to get a pair of headphones.

The other alternative is to go for a semi acoustic guitar. This is an acoustic guitar but can be connected to the amplifier too. I think these are pretty good for beginners and once you master you can purchase an amp if you want the sound much louder. In my opinion, these are the best guitars as a beginner because you can turn off the amp and still get the the acoustic sound.

So,  if you are a beginner,  choosing the right guitar is one of the most important things you should consider so that you enjoy the sound that comes out of your guitar.

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